Supporters of the Arts, Then and Now

In this time of budget cuts to all sectors, but particularly the arts, can we develop more creative approaches to funding playwrights, painters, and writers by looking to the past?

In the morning, we will explore key figures who supported the arts in the early 20th century:

W B Yeats and the founders of the Abbey Theatre;

Gertrude and Leo Stein, patrons of the Paris painters; and

Sylvia Beach, publisher of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

In the afternoon, a panel of volunteer businesspeople and artists from the local chapter of Arts & Business will discuss creative ways to keep the arts flowing in the Midlands.

This ‘Day School’ unfortunately had to be cancelled at the last minute. However, I would be very interested in organizing it again, and many of the participants have agreed that they would like to take part. E-mail me if your organization would be interested:

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