Early 20th Century Writers Salons

Early Twentieth Century Writers Socializing in Groups


W. B. Yeats & the Irish Literary Renaissance


Lady Augusta Gregory, playwright

George Moore, novelist, playwright

AE (George Russell), poet, artist, playwright

Edward Martyn, playwright, philanthropist

John Millington Synge, playwright

Douglas Hyde, playwright, politician


Virginia Woolf & the Bloomsbury Group



Vanessa Bell, painter

Lytton Strachey, biographer, critic

Duncan Grant, painter

Leonard Woolf, editor, critic, political writer

Clive Bell, art critic

Roger Fry, painter, art critic

John Maynard Keynes, economist


Gertrude Stein & the Americans in Paris



Alice B. Toklas, cook, publisher, writer

Ernest Hemingway, novelist

F. Scott Fitzgerald, novelist

Robert McAlmon, writer, publisher

Virgil Thomson, composer, music critic

Sherwood Anderson, novelist

Man Ray, photographer, painter


Dorothy Parker & the Algonquin Round Table



Robert Benchley, humorist, critic, actor

Alexander Woollcott, critic

Marc Connelly, playwright

Harold Ross, publisher

George S. Kaufmann, playwright

FPA (Franklin P. Adams), columnist, critic

Heywood Broun, union organizer, columnist, sports writer

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