In America on this date 100 years ago, August 22nd, 1913…

…Dorothy Rothschild turned 20. She was living in New York City, where she had grown up, but now on her own for the first time. Based on her education at Miss Dana’s, she was working as a piano accompanist for a girls’ dancing school.

Dorothy Parker

But Dottie was also sending light verse and poetry to the widely read columns in the New York daily newspapers, hoping to get published. She and her father had written nonsense poems back and forth to each other for years. Now she was trying to go it on her own.

Dottie’s paternal uncle had gone down on the Titanic the year before, trying to save his wife. Her father, Henry, died in December of 1913, in Manhattan. Four years ago, Kevin Fitzpatrick of the Dorothy Parker Society [] marked the building where Dorothy lived with her dad with a plaque:  http://youtube/nuurfqR2fqU.

If you’d like to know what else was going on in New York City in 1913, check out the page on my blog:

Happy 120th birthday, Dottie! Let’s all have a martini for her…