“Such Friends”: 100 years ago, January, 1921, Hotel des Saints-Peres, 65 rue des Saints-Peres, Paris

Poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, 28, has just arrived at her hotel in Paris. She will be staying here a few months, as the newly appointed foreign correspondent for American Vanity Fair magazine.

Hotel des Saints-Peres

The time had come to leave New York. She is tired of her persistent beau, Edmund “Bunny” Wilson, 25, managing editor of Vanity Fair, who had not only published her poems but also promoted her as

the Most Distinguished American poet of the Younger Generation.”

This past year, Vincent, as her family knows her, has won a few prizes, scored a big hit with her poetry collection, but also had an abortion. She definitely needs a change and is looking forward to starting this great job. Her contract requires her to submit two prose pieces to Vanity Fair each month.

Just before she left New York, Vincent received a letter from her father, whom her mother had kicked out over 20 years ago. Dad had heard about her new job and wrote to give his estranged daughter his idea of encouragement. He knew she would be

a great success at work of that kind [but it is] a big undertaking for such a little girl.”

Gee thanks, Dad.

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