In New York City, on Valentine’s Day, 1921…

…aspiring writer Robert McAlmon, 24, cannot believe his luck.

He is marrying…today…right after tea…the most fascinating woman he has ever met. Annie Ellerman, 26. British. Smart. Witty. Also a writer. And she has told him that her father, Sir John, one of the richest men in England, has promised she can have her inheritance, the equivalent of $30 million, once she is married and he meets her new husband.

So the newlyweds plan to sail to Liverpool at the end of the month. But, after meeting the family, they want to set off for Paris. McAlmon has read that a lot of American writers, including one of his favorites, Sherwood Anderson, 44, are living there on the Left Bank. He could use some of this ‘dowry’ to set up a publishing company, extending the Contact press that he has been trying to establish here in New York.

Annie also mentions that she prefers to be known by her pen name, Bryher. Oh, and when they go to Paris, she will bring along her close friend, poet Hilda Doolittle [known by her pen name HD], 34, and her daughter.

McAlmon feels that it will all work out fine…

Bryher and McAlmon in the year of their marriage, 1921

Bryher and McAlmon in the year of their marriage, 1921

A much more flattering portrait of Bryher was recently auctioned in Penzance:

This year, we’ll be telling stories about these groups of ‘such friends,’ before, during and after their times together.


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