In America on this date 100 years ago, February 25th,…

…the reviews for the Armory Show have been pouring in. ‘Artistic rubbish’ rants the New York Press. Matisse’s paintings are ‘ugly…coarse…narrow’ says the New York Times. Brancusi’s Mlle. Pogany, is described by a critic as ‘a hard-boiled egg balanced on a cube of sugar.’

Brancusi's Mlle. Pogany

Brancusi’s Mlle. Pogany

Art collector and supporter of the show John Quinn, 43, has been to visit and purchase many times. He came back the other day for another walk around with his lover, Lady Augusta Gregory, 60, on tour in America with her Abbey Theatre, and painter John B Yeats, 73, father of Abbey co-director W B Yeats, 47.

Yeats pere writes home to Ireland enthusiastically about what he has seen. A member of JP Morgan’s wealthy banking family is outraged that he has to pay 25 cents to look at such trash. But another banker is quoted as saying, ‘Something is wrong with the world. These men know…’

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